Social Media Campaigns

We have a Social Media Marketing Plan to Fit Your Needs in Chattanooga, TN!

Social Media Content Writing & Posting Services

We will write and source social content on behalf of your company and post the content on a daily basis to your social media accounts. Designed to deliver the perfect amount of social content, at the right frequency, for each platform. Our experts will profile your Company and create a tailored program of promotion which goes out 5 days a week. You can interact with us easily review the content before it is posted and track the campaign results.

Select the Social package and price plan than works for your business and let’s get started today!

We also have Strategic Campaigns and Live Social Media Packages Available.  Contact us for full details.

Have a Question?

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?
Our support hours are from 4 AM till 1 PM (GMT +0), Monday through Friday. Any maintenance tickets submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular support hours.
What do you need to start the Social Posting Plan?

As soon as you select and purchase the plan, your personal Social Media manager will contact you. Usually it doesn’t take more than 24 hours. Your manager will get all the access credentials from you to your website and and related platforms. We will begin by doing an audit of your current website and Social Media program (if any) and formulate a plan to begin optimizing your platforms. All of your credentials will be secure and will not be shared with any third parties.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the Social Media plan?

As the Social Media Posting services are provided right after the payment and a lot of the initial work is done at the first of the month, the purchased plan can be upgraded but not downgraded starting with the next month

General FAQ’s

Will Social Media Posting help my website speed and Google ranking?
Social Media Posting Services provided by us have no effect on website’s speed since we are posting to your social platforms. However, Social Media Posting will eventually have an effect on Search Engine results and help the ranking of your website. In order to gain ranking and position in Google and Bing, there are many other factors and procedures which help rating. You may want to explore one of our SEO packages and then we can almost guarantee good search results on Google and Bing.
Can I use one plan on several websites?

The Social Media Posts are posted to your social media platforms and you don’t even need a website to use our SMM program. Although that defeats the purpose of creating traffic to your website using SMM. We will be happy to link your posts to any designated website which will help with their respective SEO results

Is it possible to cancel the plan and ask for a refund?
We take into account the changing business environment and therefore our Social Media plans can be canceled.
As our SMM monthly plans go into effect from day one, they are non-refundable.
Our SMM monthly plans are automatically billed on the first of the month with payment due by the 10th.
Cancellation of any SMM monthly plan must be made at least 30 Days in advance to stop the billing cycle.
Any Setup fees or monthly subscriptions that have been paid are non-refundable.
If you select an annual subscription plan to take advantage of the annual discount and request cancellation, you will be charged only for the months you used at the full monthly rate. The rest of the amount will be returned to you.